A Lesson Forgotten, Unconsciously Reminded by two Liberals on Health Care

Posted: January 5, 2010 by Coby Dillard in Editorial/Commentary
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by Melvin D. Whitlock

Driving home from work last week, I began scanning channels on my radio and ran across the Michael Baisden show on VIBE 100, and on his show Mr. Baisden was speaking on the matter of health care in America. Though I am adamant in my dissidence against the Michael Baisden show, and the misrepresented perspective in which it offers to its listeners with regard to those who are conservative or disagree with liberal ideology, I still gained a strong interest in Mr. Baisden’s discussion. Mr. Baisden was speaking on the fact that he had recently donated $20, 000 to the National Association of Free Clinics, in a follow-up of Keith Olbermann’s initial $50,000 pledge to the organization. Though I have professed to be in strong, but respectable disagreement with both men, they have unconsciously re-affirmed a principle that many who believe that the government should control health care and other private sectors have forgotten.

 In Dr. King’s last speech (Mountain Top), he spoke about a parable that Jesus told in Luke 10: 30-37 about “the good Samaritan.” For those unfamiliar with this parable: its about a man who is hurt and lying along the road, and as many walk past and ask the question “what will happen to me?” one man finally came along and reversed the question and thought to himself “what will happen to him?” (As Dr. King so put it). In the end, this man who helped the fallen stranger was considered the good neighbor.

In a time of such economic uncertainty and job loss, the very last thing in which America needs is another can kicked down the road to people such as myself in the 20 something age range, and our children and their children. Under this Administration coupled with this liberal-majority Congress, we have seen: Second Stimulus, Cap and Trade, Cash for Clunkers, Bank take over, and now a 1.73 trillion dollar health care package.

President Obama early in this discussion stated that this health care reform proposal would not cover abortion and any notion that it would was only “herded by the right” as a scare tactic. However, it took a house amendment ( in which many liberal congressmen and congresswomen fought hard against), to ensure that abortion would not be covered in HR 3262 (which unfortunately, can be removed from the final version of the bill after it gets drafted). Now, if abortion was a non-issue as the President had stated early in the debate for health care reform, then the Senate Panel would not have rejected an abortion-proof amendment by Senator Hatch and there would have been no need for an amendment in the House bill in the first place. However, senator Hatch’s amendment was denied, and the House amendment introduced by Rep. Stupak barely passed.

The recently passed House bill contained two-thousand pages which were not made available to the public prior to the vote as had been promised by House Speaker Pelosi, and one must question why the authors and congressional supporters of the bill were and are not willing to force the bill upon themselves, but instead solely on their constituents?

President Obama early in campaigning for health care reform, likened his type of health care reform proposals to USPS v. Fed Ex (Choice and competition). I encourage those who actually are liberal and support government run-health care to imagine this: Does USPS have the ability to tell the consumer where they can and cannot send mail, tax their competition, and make the customer seek approval from the USPS before they can get a package shipped by Fed-Ex? No, but the same cannot be said with this attempt at claiming government-run health care is an equal competitor.

Lastly, many have made the claim that health care reform is necessary because people are dying each day from being unable to afford the current health care costs of premiums that insurance companies place on people by raising or denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Again I encourage those who support government-run health care to imagine this: ‘Does it make sense for a man who has been homeless all of his life to finally hit the lottery, buy a house, and wait three years to move into his new home?’ It should not, and neither should the perceived help for so many uninsured people who are dying daily because of lack of health coverage according to liberal reports be delayed until 2013, which both House and Senate bills are pursuing.

Overall, we must remember that it is possible to achieve the measure of lowering premiums, and helping to insure low income citizens without having to superficially create another government head ache. The questions I ask those who are blindly supporting an Obama initiative is this: Do we need to tax people for failing to have insurance, do we need to tax companies for not complying with various government regulations, or any other government instituted stipulation in order to lower insurance premiums for American citizens? Or can we achieve this without instituting a barrage of new government regulations (i.e. TORT reform, interstate insurance, etc). Also, if there is an apparent need for today, why wait three years for the reform to take shape?

The Lesson: Apart from my rant, I would like to return to the initial purpose of my post, Keith Olbermann and Michael Baisden charitable donations to the National Association of Free Clinics. This should show Americans of all races, ethnicity, political ideologies, and any other entity that I have not mentioned, that We The People do not need government intervention to compel us to do good will. When we as humans (especially Christians) allow the government to act as a moral conscious for our soul to do good deeds, then we see the results of a failing system both economically and morally.

Working for a retail/grocery chain for the last seven years, I have seen the way in which people can manipulate and abuse a system that sees them as nothing more than a number and a case. I have watched people use welfare food assistance programs which are designed for emergency purposes, used instead, for birthday parties, and other holiday celebrations, and not for the emergency purpose in which it was initially designed. I have heard recent reports that indicate that at least 90% of African Americans will have been on welfare programs at one point in their life, and this study was covered over a thirty year span. Ladies and gentlemen, government assistance is not working and needs to be re-evaluated! Before we try to take on another extreme government project, we must first fix the current ones in which we have. Saddening, we have a generation to generation epidemic occurring under the governments care, and many people have lost the understanding of self sufficiency or the need to help a neighbor because of such a lack-luster perspective on help.

If the Obama campaign can raise half a billion dollars for a 2008 Presidential campaign without government aid but charitable donations, then surely it should be able to do the same for health care programs without creating a government take over of a free-market system. If more people who are in the upper-left echelon would stop complaining about what the government is not doing, and donate as these two gentlemen have done with the National Association of Free Clinics, then that would be a much more sensible approach to choice and competition; but I doubt many of them want to sell many of their cars and depreciate the value of their mansion that may have been tagged to appear on an up and coming episode of MTV “Cribs.” At one time, the church was the main contributor of assistance to families in need, yet now more pastors in the urban areas in particular, spend more time with political mega-phones than they do really trying to help their neighbors.

People: we need to step our game up with our own free will and not become dependant upon the government to be our moral conscious. When we allow this to happen, our conscious becomes tainted with agenda-based legislation, as the case with this current Health Care Reform push. Mr. Baisden and Mr. Olbermann should serve as examples of such a notion, that “We The People” must take this measure upon ourselves to help our neighbor, and not expect or believe that people with agenda-based ties have our best wishes at heart. One congressman told a constituent that he was “not worth pissing on,” another congressman told one of his constituents “having a conversation with you is like having a conversation with a dining room table,” another congresswoman while hearing a story of a cancer survivor was busy talking on her phone, and many have used race or anti-American remarks to disparage voices of concern. Americans should not trust such people who hold such a little regard for public opinion, and Americans should not trust people who are willing to force a measure on their constituents that they would not take on themselves.


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