The Democrat and Liberal Facts Concerning Race

Posted: January 19, 2010 by Coby Dillard in Editorial/Commentary
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by Melvin D. Whitlock

Race politics have often been a repeated arsenal of the Democrat Party when attempting to vilify its opponent and gain votes based on emotion than presenting a strong argument-proof platform. This note is not scolding those who hold true to the standard of being a Democrat or a Liberal, but a reminder that all voters must show fairness in allowing both parties to present a reasonable case for their platform without having a pre-determined bias.

Too often we have seen leaders in “black communities” pledge a racial allegiance to the Democrat Party based on the notion: liberal-implemented policies designed from a Keynesian approach, will eventually pay off for their respected race and community. I encourage wariness of any group or person(s) willing to cut a deal either to or for a particular racial vote.

History is the decider of truth, and I implore those who read this note to take a moment and look at history:

1. Today’s Democrat-ideology on race began to take shape under President Andrew Jackson and Vice President John Calhoun.

2.Jefferson Davis (Confederate President) was a Democrat Senator from Mississippi. The Democrat Party was pro-slavery to the point of secession. Many Democrats during this time viewed slavery as a need both for the master and the slave.

3.Liberal abortion advocate Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project was designed to control and reduce the population of the black race in America.

4.FDR-Approved and allowed the Tuskegee experiments to take place, and would stay until 1970 under the Nixon administration.

5.Senator Robert Byrd-Long time Democrat was active in the Klan up until the 1940s

6.FDR-issued an executive order during WWII to send Asian-Americans to interment camps while at war with Japan.

7.John Kennedy-As a U.S. Senator, voted against the first Civil Rights Bill in 1957.

8. Robert Kennedy-Approved the FBI plans to wire-tap Dr. King; citing concerns of communist ties.

9.Segregation was a concept that received praise by Southern Democrats until the late 1960s. Notable segregationist (Clinton’s mentor-Orville Faust, George Wallace-converted the term to Dixiecrat).

Notable Democrat Quotes on race:

Jefferson Davis-In reference to slaves “credulous creatures” who “depended on their master for survival”

Woodrow Wilson-In reference to the silent film Birth of a Nation “It is like writing history with lightning, and my only regret is that it is all so terribly true”

Former Klan-member and current Democrat Senator, Robert Byrd-In reference to his view on race “Well there are a such thing as white niggers too…” which indicates by default his perception of the term nigger is black human.

Bill Clinton-In reference to Barack Obama: “A few years ago this guy would be getting us coffee”

Hillary Clinton in reference to Indian immigrants- “Mahatma Gandhi runs a gas station in St. Louis”

Joe Biden: In reference to Barack Obama: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy…I mean that’s a story book man”

Joe Biden: “You cannot walk into a 7-11 or Dunkin doughnuts without having a slight Indian accent, I’m not joking”

Harry Reid: In reference to Barack Obama and why Obama is a winnable candidate: “He’s light skin with no negro dialect”

These quotes and facts are verbatim, but I can challenge anyone to show me where my information is false or misleading. I am certain that there is far more information that makes an even stronger case to present the possibility that the Democrat Party can be racially provacotive at times; however, in the end that does nothing for the progression of the black community, nor does it do anything for the progression of America.

I made this note to remind people of color not to fall victim to people attempting to use race as an elevation of oneself and a increase of depth against their opponent, because both parties have shown positives and negatives of race relations in the past and the present. In more profound cases of history and not opinion, we see that the Democrat Party has shown to be more racial oppressive and demeaning, but the Republican Party has some negligence in combating racism in years past. Still, I would rather listen to candidates discuss and debate platform issues as oppose to who will or will not do a good job presenting themselves as a racial savior.

By claiming a racial allegiance to a party, one automatically makes himself bias against any efforts by the other party to present similar solutions to improve those respected communities. An example of this would be the nomination of Michael Steele as the GOP Chairman: often we are subject to opinions from the “Al Sharpton’s” of society, which scold the GOP for having no black leadership. However, when there is a leader of color put in place (not by affirmative action but instead qualification), he is condemned and ridiculed for being a race pick to counter the left electing the first “black President,” and Steele is then viewed by these standards as a sell-out.

In the end we must remember: we should never expect a political party to give for a race, because if that’s what to be expected, then that race can only expect to be a manipulation tool for that party during election time. We should never expect a person to vote for a party based on a racial allegiance, because if we do, then we have failed those who fought for the right to vote, and we then confirm the fears of those who attempted to prevent us from voting. Stop making songs touting one’s President is black, and start asking one’s self, is my President qualified?

FYI-1977-1981: Democrats were in the same place of power (Control of House, Senate, and Presidency), and how did the state of Black America improve during that time? Ask yourself this question: Were you, your neighbor, your racial status better than it was three years ago before the liberals gained control, and has your sign of hope began to show economically since the election of President Obama?

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