A Brand New Way for A Brand New Day

Posted: January 20, 2010 by carltate81 in Editorial/Commentary
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by Carl Tate

Nearly a year ago the American people went to the polls and signaled a desire for “Change” by electing Barack Obama the President of the United States. A mere month ago, the chants of “Yes, We Can” seemed to drown under a sea of tea, as Republicans swept into statewide offices in Virginia and New Jersey.

So what gives? Are the American people schizophrenic? Are they confused? Neither. And no they were not scared into voting Republican by fear mongering GOP operatives lying about the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda. Nor were they lashing out at the excesses of the Washington liberal establishment.

The American people are simply scared. Unemployment continues to tick up, economic growth is nonexistent and wages are persistently stagnant. People are looking for solutions to the problems that affect their everyday lives and they want those solutions as quickly as possible. What they don’t want is business as usual, the same old song and dance – and that’s exactly what they’ve been getting since Obama took office in January. The same Obama who promised them a post-partisan America.

The time has come for a true end to all the petty bickering and fighting in D.C. Our nation faces a crisis of unforeseen proportions – we’re attempting to fight a two front war while in the midst of economic recession/depression while the government is on the brink of taking over the nation’s healthcare system. Politics seems to be getting nastier and dirtier and darker just when our country needs our leaders to pull us together. Our leaders have failed us.

But what is to be done? People – young, old, middle age – need to stand up – be bold, be persistent and be courageous. Speak truth to power. Don’t wait to be led and be disappointed, be your own leader. This country won’t get moving again because of anything happening out of Washington, D.C. or Richmond, VA or Trenton, NJ – it’s because of what happens on Main Street, USA.

This is a Brand New Day, so let’s Come up with Brand New Way of doing Business. A Brand New Way for A Brand New Day.

  1. Melvin says:

    Good read!

    I believe that in correlation to what you have stated, its more important that the people cease allowing legislators to do what they will.

    We come to a point that we the people have become so submissive to a Phd. oriented society, that we allow, in my opinion, elitist to say “hey I am not going to listen to you, becasue I know whats best for you,” and we have to resist doing such.

    I do not take away from anyone with education accolades, however, it could be a farmer in the congressional seat for all that matter, as long as he is doing what the people ask him to do. Thats the first step, placing common people in those offices

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