Response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Posted: January 28, 2010 by Coby Dillard in Editorial/Commentary
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by Coby W. Dillard

Tonight, President Obama outlined a direction for our country that contains more of the same “change” that voters in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts have already rejected and that many more Americans disapprove of.

It’s commendable that Obama now believes that his administration and Congress should focus on dealing with the highest nationwide unemployment in decades. However, the way to deal with our job shortage is not by spending billions more on a “jobs bill” that is destined to the same fate as last year’s “stimulus” legislation. If the $787 billion spent last year has not positively affected our job market, there is no good reason to spend more in attempting the same. The reason China isn’t waiting to revamp its economy is because they can afford to. Their economic growth was funded on the backs of my children’s prosperity-neither of which are close to working age. The one trillion dollars that you added on top of an already excessive national debt could well break this country. It’s time for President Obama and his congressional allies to stop treading on my children’s future.

I applaud Obama’s words on bringing nuclear, coal, wind, and offshore power resources to bear on our energy dependence. However, those words must be translated into action. Asking Congress to pass a “cap and trade” bill that would drastically raise energy bills speaks volumes on how much he has lost touch with the concerns and realities of many Americans.

There isn’t much more that should be said on the prospects of health care reform as it currently stands in the House and Senate. Strong-arming, backroom deals and a lack of campaign-promised transparency have combined to produce legislation that is unconstitutional and fiscally irresponsible. Americans have looked at these plans, and have rightly rejected them. The message from them to Washington is simple-provide us with reform that maintains our right to seek medical care how and where we choose. Focus on bringing down premiums by reforming tort law and increasing protability of insurance across state lines. Republicans have proposed these ideas. It’s up to Obama to hear them and have his leadership reflect the voices of the Americans they speak for.

The state of our union is strong, today. Yet, as Thomas Paine remarked at our nation’s beginning, we face times that will continue to try our souls. It’s in these times that we look to our elected representatives in Washington-from the president to our local congressman-to not only provide leadership, but to provide it in a way that best represents the interests of the constituents they serve. We need them to be the guides to a more prosperous future, and not beholden to ideologies that only threaten our national and fiscal security.

Americans have spoken over the past months. Now, it’s up to President Obama and Congress to show that they’ve not only heard, but listened.

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m always amused when conservatives quote radical revolutionaries.

  2. Coby:

    Hope you are doing well. I love your posts for VBC. Are you running for Bobby Scott’s seat this year?


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