When Children Are In Charge

Posted: January 29, 2010 by bshockle in Editorial/Commentary

by Bobby Shockley

As I watched the State of The Union address on Wednesday, I could not help but notice one overarching theme: bipartisanship. We have not had true bipartisanship in Washington in my lifetime. Both sides, whenever they have the majority, effectively isolates the other and only seek it when they want to symbolically use the word during a press conference or as they make the rounds on the talk show circuits. In my estimation, we have grown people who behave like children running our government.

I, like many others kept hearing the reiteration of the theme bipartisanship. If America is to be first in the world then we will need the leadership on both sides to put aside their petty differences, roll up their sleeves and do the job they were sent to Washington to do. Both sides, because of gerrymandering, remain entrenched within their beliefs simply because they have no real opposition to move them along a different line of thought and this entrenchment has lead to where we are today as a nation.

Many of our governmental leaders act like children fighting over the ball on the playground, except in this instance, the playground is not constructed of concrete and blacktop, but instead constructed of trillions of dollars of our hard earned money.

Instead of working as a unit to solve the nation’s problems, our leadership is all too willing to work as individual fingers on a hand. Everyone wants their way and when they do not get their way, they want to pick up their marbles and leave the game. This is exactly how elementary children behave and not how grown people should conduct themselves. It is a pathetic spectacle!

When the president spoke about job creation, he did so with the idea of offering incentives and tax breaks to businesses. Why? Businesses do not need tax breaks and incentives to get them to hire or make them competitive. What they need is people buying their products. This only occurs when people have money to spend. The middle class needs greater tax relief not large corporations and small businesses operate in the same manner. I am sure that if you asked a small business owner to make a choice between a tax break or increasing their customer base, the later would be more desirable.

Our destiny is in our hands. The promise of America is not promised to anyone. It must be pursued with purpose, intelligence and thoughtfulness. Much of what was said last night did not, in my humble estimation; touch on significantly helping the middle class-which will serve as the catalyst for any economic recovery. The trickle down approach has not worked and will not continue to produce any results. Real recovery will only occur when the largest segment of the American economic engine has its burden reduced and is able to engage the other sectors of society with confidence and vigor.


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