Building the Party Pt II ..Defending being a black Republican

Posted: January 10, 2012 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

It’s funny how often I find myself explaining to people the reason why I am a Republican. Of course, the first thing they always say is “You’re a Republican? But…you’re black!” This is almost an everyday occurrence for me, as I am pretty vocal about politics. My car is covered in bumper stickers for Republican candidates and myroom has Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon or Barry Goldwater all over it . My laptop has George W. Bush on it and of course my pro-Republican postings on Facebook always provides ammo for debates with and attacks on me. I’ve come to realize that I will always be attacked and questioned on my party loyalty, but my answer is always the same: “why aren’t YOU a Republican?”
For me, the main reason is personal. We all have issues in life that we have to deal with, and we all struggle. Believe me I’ve had mine. But I haven’t let those issues take over my life. In no way will I subscribe to the Democratic attempt to turn every American in to an addict of the shining gold and silver pieces the federal government can redistribute. Unfortunately, like a good drug dealer, the Democrats have given little samples of free this and free that and many have become addicted to it. They’ve fallen into a cycle of “if the government’s going to give it to me why do I have to work for it?” and I hate that. That’s why it’s my goal to bring into focus the satisfaction of hard work and personal responsibility which to me is the cornerstone of my party and the reason I love my party.
I recall the night of Obama’s election CNN put on TV a woman who was asked why she was happy Obama won. Her response? “Obama is going to pay my mortgage!!!” That’s not what America is all about.


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