Democrats, the Party of Victimization

Posted: January 19, 2012 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

I’ve been hearing a lot of crap from Professor Cornel West lately. I’m sick of being spoken for, I am not a victim of America I am a proud citizen of America. According to this idiotic piece of trash people are poor because of the Republican Party, according to the “professor” Republicans are bringing the black man down, and according to him Democrats are the saviors of the black race. Professor West according to the Constitution I’m free, and am not on the plantation working for the Democratic Party any longer. I am Free. I am also a proud Republican, Pro-life Pro-family and Pro-country.
As for those who in the black community continue to whine and blame, don’t include all of us in your rhetoric. I was not raised by my mother to be a victim; I was raised to be a person. I have supported and will continue to support those who represent my values; Obama has not done that, and just because he is half black does not mean I have to vote for him. Democrats need to get over themselves and stop trying to speak for everyone. Democrats can continue to be the party of Victims, but I’ll stick with the party of Liberty. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


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