Newt, can he swing the minority vote?

Posted: January 23, 2012 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

Food stamp President, the phrase has offended some but may not actually offend who you think it has. The question I pose to you, Is Newt Gingrich the man to take away some of Obama’s strength in the minority community? His rise to front runner status and his momentum has made us pause and look at Newt as a possible nominee.
Question I asked was, Is Newt a guy who can take minority votes away from Obama, my answer is yes. His pounding on the economy with solutions’ is resonating with everyone, but I believe especially undecided minorities whose unemployment rate is far beyond the National average, and also minorities who hold their faith close has seen it attacked in recent time. Newt’s experience in working with Bill Clinton who was extremely popular within the black community could also help him in swinging votes as well.
What in my opinion what the black electorate is looking for (partly speaking for myself of course) is someone with clear solutions and able to connect. Rick Santorum though his faith and Pro-life stances are appealing has a hard time connecting with a minority electorate, by attacking single mothers and attacking those in the minority community that take public assistance without solutions, but with shame . I completely discount Satorum’s ability to swing any indy minority voters by his words alone. Mitt Romney who I personally like has the ability to swing voters, if he wanted to., though I believe his moderate title could help him do this during a general election. Though a lot of My Conservative friends have backed away from Mitt Romney saying he is not Conservative enough, I pose the question what if he gets the nomination will you back him? I personally believe his crossover appeal would be huge for our party, not as much as Newt but still a wave of Minorities coming to our side.

I am not using this as an endorsement of Newt in anyway but just a thought, and an idea, can we finally get the minority vote to look at what we already know. The GOP is actually built to promote minority success, promote values and life. The Democrats and Obama have left minorities by the waste side once again and its time for us to promote what’s good with our party. Lets take this time to rally for our candidates, and take the time to promote our party..!! This is the perfect time to do it.

  1. Jim McKelvey says:

    I am supporting Newt 100%. I base my decision on fact, not rhetoric. The only man responsible for balancing a federal budget and paying down debt is Newt. I’m sure he made more than a few politicians made getting it done, on both sides of the isle. Oh, how they love to spend!! “Nuff said!

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