Open Letter to RPV by Terrence Boulden

Posted: May 15, 2012 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

Dear RPV,
Please do not let Obama steal the minority vote in Virginia, again. It has become a constant source of annoyance that the RPV has ignored the need for recruitment within the party ranks, not just of racial minorities, but women as well. This year is more important than ever.
We need to reach out to all minorities and let them know we need them, and more importantly, what we as a party have to offer them. We cannot accept the minority vote being left to Obama because we have not provided the information and outreach necessary to educate.
Thankfully, I was raised in a way that allowed me to see the benefits of a hardworking and free society. Some minorities have become victims of their dependency on the welfare system and we need to shine a light on the benefits of being a self-dependent citizen in our government. The RPV needs to step up and highlight the core Republican values that the members of the party have learned to love and believe in.
My plea to the RPV is to start using its resources to promote the party, and not let Obama and the Democrats to, once again, steal the minority vote in Virginia. Let’s start acting like the big tent party that we claim to be.
GOP Loyalist
Terrence Boulden


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