Because I’m Black

Posted: September 17, 2012 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

From my Good Friend Darrell Harrison who lives in Atl. Georgia

‎”Because I’m black…”

1. I should unquestionably support Barack Obama and the Democrat party, because to not do so is to “betray my race” and be considered an “Uncle Tom” or “Sellout”
2. I should always “remember where I came from” and am obligated to “give back” to the “black community”
3. I should prefer to date only black women
4. I should only attend a “black church”
5. I should view life in America as a “struggle” and see myself as a perpetual victim of that struggle who is owed reparations for my sufferings and that of my ancestors
6. I should appreciate my “blackness” and view my race as the most significant element of my existence as a person
7. I should have the mindset that my race can and should trump my faith depending on the situation
8. I should have as a priority to spend my money only with black-owned businesses
9. I should not be concerned with “white people’s” issues such as taxes, abortion and school choice
10. I should understand that the Government exists only to provide for my well-being and whatever I don’t have I deserve to have the Government provide for me
11. I should realize that it is not possible for me to be racist because I don’t have “that kind of power”


  1. Melody says:

    What a mindset! I don’t fit any of these “statements” and don’t ever intend to do so. What a broken world in which we live. I do not see the world through “race” colored glasses!

    My biggest concern right now in fighting against this stereotype is that I have to work twice as hard to prove my worth because I am black. When someone sees me they assume that I agree with all those statements. They think that I voted for Obama, that I am for government largesse, that I only listen to rap, hip-hop or “race music”. I have a Masters in Church Music, own my own business and am a classically trained musician. I have voted Conservative/Republican since I have been of age. I have to go overboard in whatever I do because I am fighting against such negative stereotypes–all because of my extra melanin! It is so frustrating.

  2. Benin says:

    Excellent post, Darrell. Echoes my sentiments pretty much to the T. So glad to have come across this post because I think people need to hear this.

    Thanks for helping to debunk the notion that just because we have the same skin color that we all fit the same liberal mold!

  3. […] you to head over and read it in its entirety.  Here are a few lines from Darrell’s Because I’m Black: …‎”Because I’m […]

  4. Jason says:

    I am a non-racist white male living in South Eastern Virginia. I understand that not all black folks believe this, but there are many…. too many that do. At least that is the way they seem to portray their mindsets. I wish Martin Luther King Jr were alive to see this. I wish he were still around to set this mindset straight. I, too dream of the day when we all treat each other as equals…. including women. I am originally from the North where people DO treat each other a little more equally, but here, in the South, I feel like the victim of racism almost on a daily basis. They like to call it reverse racism…. that’s bologna…. it’s still racism all the same. I will be honest with you: I catch myself having racist thoughts from time to time because of the way I am treated by the blacks around here. It makes me feel sick and disgusted with myself, but also helps me to understand how one can become racist if treated with racism for long enough.

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