Virginia Black Conservative Forum Calls on Tim Kaine to Repudiate Ads attacking George Allen as Racist

Posted: September 27, 2012 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized


Virginia Black Conservative Forum Calls on Tim Kaine to Repudiate Ads attacking George Allen as Racist

Media Contact: Terrence Boulden (President)

Members of the Virginia Black Conservative Forum are calling on Tim Kaine to repudiate an advertising campaign by a labor-backed super PAC that describes George Allen as a racist.
Reported in POLITICO this morning, the ad campaign “will focus on voters in Northern Virginia and Richmond, both union members and non-union members, and particularly African-American and Latino voters,” and is “hitting Allen in Northern Virginia over a range of race-related controversies,” including the now-famous “macaca” incident which Gov. Allen apologized for in 2011.
VBC President Terrence Boulden said, “I became a Republican because of Allen’s common sense leadership as governor. I’ve come to know him over the years, and the Allen these ads portray is not the Allen I have come to know.”
“Whenever you have to resort to calling someone a “racist” to justify why people shouldn’t vote for them, it’s because you can’t win on your own record and your own policies,” said Coby W. Dillard, the founder of VBC. “When you have to hide behind a third party to launch that attack, it says much more about your character than it does about the person you’re attacking. Gov. Kaine is hoping that this ad campaign will distract Virginia’s voters from the failed policies of the Obama administration, which he championed as the handpicked chairman of the DNC.”
“VBC calls for the Kaine campaign to join us in denouncing the vile and despicable web ads released by the super PAC Workers’ Voice accusing Governor Allen of racism,” said Carl Tate. “This Senate campaign should be about job creation and economic growth and we hope Governor Kaine agrees. That’s the debate the people of the Commonwealth deserve.”


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