Posted: November 9, 2012 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

Well it’s over and our side lost, and I have been amused the last few days of the analysis by different people on how Mitt Romney lost and lost so big. The reason is staring everyone in the face but everyone is so scared and nervous to mention it. The fact of the matter is only 6% of African Americans voted for Mitt Romney and to me that is absolutely embarrassing and, furthermore, the reaction from many is even worse than the numbers themselves.
The one thing I have heard from people is that, “well, you can’t convince black people to vote against the first black President.” This is just a flag of surrender and a way of putting your hands up and moving on. If you want to skirt the issue of bringing minorities into the fold then so be it, but the act of speaking about it and giving it lip service is different then actually caring and doing something about it. The time for this party to expand is here, and the humiliating defeat of Gov. Romney should be a wake up call to most that this is true. African Americans were not the only group we failed to capture. Hispanics, Asians and Woman all went for the other side. But instead of dissecting and looking inward to what the issue may be, we are spending more energy on attacking the other side…. Guess what? They are obviously doing something right, and we need to do something right on our end.
Why can’t we market our principals of small government, pro-life, pro-family to the masses? We are stuck in a mentality of staleness and we need to snap out of the old ways and start catching up to the times. Look at our leaders in government. They look nothing like the changing demographics of the country. Thank goodness for folks like Senator Rubio and Allen West, Condalleezza Rice and Herman Cain. If not for them the perception would remain 100 percent that my party is just old white guys. Yet we sit around and scratch our heads, why can’t we get minorities to join the party?
Look at where we focus our attention and our funds: in the south. We are afraid to spread around the map. Why? Well the North is full of liberals! But we know that is not true, just look at the numbers. We are lazy and afraid to go north. What is the perception there? Well, the Republicans just care about the south and the good ol boy network. Again, a perception that we can’t deny. Why can’t we get black small business owners on our side? Well, perhaps it’s because we are focusing more on big business than we are on the mom and pop shops around the corner. No small business owner in urban areas knows what the party stands for when it comes to free enterprise. Why? Because, one, we don’t spend anytime in urban areas and two, they see that we are on the side of lenders they are getting money from. What about the little guy? What about me?
These are things that we need to look at and that we need to understand. I am thankful that there are leaders in my area that get it: Fairfax Chairman Jay McConville and 10th District Chair John Whitbeck get it. They are working on things for the future, but only if the rest of the state and the rest of the Country would get it. Or our outdated way of things in regards to the changing demographics in this will be the death of the party of Lincoln.

  1. Steve Rusk says:

    Amen! I am so encouraged that more and more Black Americans are taking a stand for liberty, even at a great personal cost to themselves and their families. I am not ignorant of the chiding and scorning heaped upon you, but I believe that Black Conservatives are the ones to change that, and I believe that the Republican Party ought to support you to the max in getting the word out. They should fund speaking tours at colleges, universities, hire media agents to get your story before they eyes and into the ears of millions. Semper Fi.

  2. Jeff Fletcher says:

    Thank you. “Stale”. Yahoo! Finally someone captured the essence of the 21st century republican party. I do not care if you are purple and have ancestry from Pluto, if you can stand the heat, you can articulate and model conservative lifestyle, then go north, east, west and south and proclaim the true freedom message. Social issues, fiscal issues, defense issues are far simpler than we make them. We are called the “right” for a reason. We are. The truth has no agenda.

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