Great Job Delegate Comstock

Posted: February 6, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized


Delegate Barbara Comstock And A Strong Bipartisan Majority In The House of Delegates Vote 72-28 To Allow Our Schools To Start Before Labor Day 


Richmond, VA – Today the House of Delegates passed House Bill 1467 with a strong bipartisan vote of 72-28. HB 1467 was introduced by Delegate Tag Greason (R-32) and incorporated Delegate Barbara Comstock’s (R-34) bill, HB 1309. This legislation allows local school boards to set the school calendar and the opening of the school year, by eliminating the post-Labor Day opening requirement, commonly known as the “Kings Dominion Law.”


Delegate Comstock released the following statement:

“Over the past four years I have heard from many teachers and parents throughout the 34th District who would like the school years to begin before Labor Day so that our students have the same opportunity to learn as a majority of students in the Commonwealth and the country. This year, in working with our local schools and parents, the first bill I introduced was HB 1309, which would allow local school boards to set the school calendar. My bill was ultimately incorporated into Delegate Greason’s bill, HB 1467.”


“Currently 77 of 134 school districts in Virginia have been granted waivers to allow schools to begin before Labor Day, which is unfair to students in the remaining 57 districts who have to wait until after Labor Day to begin school, yet take all the standardized tests at the same time. This bill will give local school districts the flexibility to determine the best time for them to start the school year. I encourage you to call your Senator and urge their support of this legislation.”


HB 1467 received strong bipartisan support and was endorsed by Governor McDonnell, the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, the Virginia School Board Association, Fairfax and Loudoun County School Boards, the Virginia Education Association, and the Virginia Association of School Superintendents.



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