We want to know!!

Posted: March 3, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

1There have of course been several online poll’s in regards to the large field of great candidates in the Virginia L.G race.The VBC wants to know what you think now, please take a quick second and vote in this poll of LG candidates,

Its not about changing the message its about sharpening it. -Terrence

    • John D. Davis says:

      Jeannemarie Davis will trample your 2nd Amendment rights. She is a gun grabber who does not listen to logic and data when it comes to addressing the root causes of violent crime.

      EW Jackson makes sense. He is level headed and direct. You do not have to wonder where he stands on the issues. He is a man of integrity. Listen to him speak or watch his YouTube videos. Virginia needs one hundred more like him.

    • Katie says:


      *****VOTE FOR STIMPSON***

  1. David Dull says:

    where are the total votes and how does one person jump up 20% in one hour, then 8% in 5 more minutes?

  2. David Dull says:

    Less than 10% to over 47% in less than an hour? hahaha!

  3. jon says:

    The poll wouldn’t let me vote.

  4. If JJMD wins this thing, it’ll be republican taxmaggedden all over again. This is the problem with the squishy’s in the party right now.
    She’s the lone holdout that endorses the tax hike that we just saw.

  5. Dex says:

    Jeannemarie Davis is a gun-grabber. NO.

  6. Scott Laisney says:

    Where’s Obenshain ??

  7. R. A. McWhorter says:

    He’s running for Attorney General and not Lt. Governor

  8. Kelly says:

    “Conservatives” voting for Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis? Seriously? And we wonder what is wrong with our party.

  9. Paul says:

    EW Jackson is BOTH supportive of the 2nd Ammendment AND in replacing Income Tax with a low-overhead Sales Tax with prebate to untax the poor.

  10. E says:

    We are not Nazi/Liberal/Communists so we will vote for the true and tried, “LINGEMFELTER”.

    We are Americans, which fought for this Country and the entire Constitution, not just the parts which the Liberal/Communists like. If you are smart you would give up on the Liberal/Communists you voted into office in the last election. Your last chance for FREEDOM and AMERICA.

  11. Mark Hile says:

    Davis and her bots maybe able to skew this on line poll, but she will not make it past the poll that matters, getting delegates to vote for her at the Republican Convention May 18, 2013.

  12. Matt R. says:

    How can we take this “poll” seriously when the VBC misspells a candidate’s name (Lingamfelter), and the short text on the page is filled with typos and grammar errors (I count six)?

  13. Sarah says:

    Why is someone like Bloomberg Buddy Jeannemarie Davis even in this Party? Clearly she’d be more comfortable as a statist Democrat. What a joke!

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