I’m for Ken

Posted: March 5, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

My colleagues Carl Tate and Coby Dillard have both recently given their opinions on what could be a great schism of the RPV at the upcoming convention in the Gov. race, now so will I. I wrote the following post for Virginia Virtucon about two weeks ago pledging my support for Ken Cuccinelli, and titled it “Black folk should vote for Ken” and i stand by that statement. Though some are starting to disagree with me, my personal belief is that Ken is the right choice for Virginia, and I will be proud to vote for him at the convention. What follows is the post I wrote for the V.V blog.


Black people should vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Gov. Blunt sentence packed with truth and facts and what should be reality. Let’s get to the point, I have known Ken for a while now and I know his views and know that he fights for them. What views? Traditional values that black people have been dedicated to for generations. Issues his critics refer to as extreme, pro-life, pro-marriage and pro- self-responsibility. Kens extreme liberal opponent will not defend these values and will ignore traditional values and thus does not deserve the black vote and I hope will not garner it in this election. What most folks don’t know and ignore is that Ken has done very well in reaching out to the minority community, and is one of the few who do not treat us minorities like aliens. I hope and will work to make sure my fellow minorities vote for the candidate that aligns with our values. The Democratic opponent is bad for Virginia and frankly bad for minority values and I have no problems saying that. We have to look at what we are doing, and not vote Democrat because we are told we are supposed to ..By? Democrats, don’t be dictated to, Vote your heart and values.


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