Is Snyder the guy?

Posted: March 6, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

Here is a guest post from my friend Eric Wray down in Virginia Beach, his views are his won and does not reflect an endorsement from VBC.


If you are looking for the same old, same old – I don’t have much for you. Pete is different.

Pete’s a risk taker and an entrepreneur.

Pete took a gamble and not only started a company – but started a whole new industry. The company that he started in his apartment =new media strategies – become the first social media marketing company in the world.

Pete created hundreds of jobs over the years here in VA, But inspired an industry that has created hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world.

If you look at VA’s education laws – you’d think the teachers unions wrote them. VA can’t remain #1 in business if we are falling in Education

Pete’s been a strong and outspoken conservative for past decade. Endorsed by Ollie North, who he worked for in ’94 and a Fox News commentator.

Pete is a conservative’s conservative. He will fight for life – he will fight for liberty (both our religious and economic liberties) – and he will fight to bring big bold ideas to the table like Education Reform.

Pete’s exactly the kind of conservative candidate with real world, job creating experience that we need in office and in our party.

Make sure you sign up to be a Delegate, snag a bumper sticker, recruit your friends and get engaged with our campaign about big ideas.- Eric V. Wray II

  1. Terry Tom says:

    Pete Snyder’s an outsider? Since when? With all due respect, Pete Snyder is nothing more than an empty suit with rich friends, and when you listen to him speak, it becomes glaringly obvious that he has no idea what the Lieutenant Governor does.

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