Our Conversation with Mrs. Jeannemarie Davis

Posted: March 10, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized


The VBC leadership this year has decided to interview all candidates for LG in order to form a decision on an endorsement. We started yesterday with former State Senator Jeannemarie Davis. We had several questions for the LG hopeful, but in my opinion the elephant in the room was her supposed war on the 2nd amendment, which as we all know is very important to most Virginians. Mrs. Davis was adamant and most forceful that she has no desire to infringe on Virginians right to own a gun, and that her view is that everyone who purchases a gun at gun shows has a background check, which to me makes perfect sense. The perception of her being a “gun grabber”, she most assured us to be false, and that many have spun her stance on background checks as anti-gun.
Mrs. Davis also went over her work with outreach in her life and her campaign. She said that her campaign is the only one who is reaching out to those in different communities and that she has been successful in doing so and the fruits of her labor will be seen at the convention in May. I personally cannot wait to see that, as making our party a bigger tent is also on my priority list. Mrs. Davis says that she has traveled around the state to many different cultural events, and connecting with those the party may have traditionally ignored in the past. We do appreciate that as a group and we hope that it does turn out some diversity this May.
We also spoke of her pro-life stance, and she assured us she is a 100 percent pro-life, there is no question of her stance on that issue whatsoever.
The Conversation with Mrs. Davis was pleasant and we did enjoy speaking with her, she touted her experience in Washington as well as in Richmond as reasons for her to be the most electable in November to the office of LG.
The May Convention is going to be extremely interesting.

  1. Rob says:

    Bloomberg. 🙂

  2. Freddie says:

    Bloomberg is old news. Do you have anything new to say?

    • Rob says:

      ‘Old news’?

      This woman ran far, far to the left of Chap Petersen on the Second Amendment and unapologetically stood for the abrogation of our rights. She stood as a big social conservative and had Tom Davis endorse in a TV spot. Meanwhile, they were cheating on their spouses with each other. As much as she would like all that to get ‘old’… It never will. She is the comic relief of the LG race, and possibly more plastic than PETE ’13!

  3. While I like many of her views – especially pro-life, and minority outreach – and how she eloquently speaks; in my opinion Ms. Davis has two big strikes against her – 1) Her serving in Gov. McDonnel’s administration. He who just passed Virginia’s biggest tax increase EVER, and he who is currently sitting on a couple anti-fraud voter-id bills on his desk, dallying whether he’ll sign them or not. And 2) Her anti-2nd Amendment stance. Make no mistake – Ms. Davis IS for further restricting our 2nd Amendment righst by outlawing individual person-to-person gun sales at gun shows (which ARE now legal)! This is also infringing on the organiazation’s right to run their gun show business as they see legally fit. The Lt. Gov. will have tie-breaking vote in Senate and she will go with the gun-grabbers here. With the ongoing assault on our gun ownership by the government we can’t afford to give up any of our God-given rights: we can’t afford to elect any more politicians who are not firmly behind them all the way! Did anybody ask Ms. Davis’ opinion on our government’s buying billions of rounds of ammo over the last half+ year?! Nobody is being fooled what’s going on here. Everybody who is thinking of supporting Ms. Davis should watch this video where she’s endorsed by Bloomberg – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hobf91i7IHY

  4. Ed says:

    “Mrs. Davis was adamant and most forceful that she has no desire to infringe on Virginians right to own a gun, and that her view is that everyone who purchases a gun at gun shows has a background check, which to me makes perfect sense.” Whaaaat?? “which to me makes perfect sense.?” then you are as big a whacko as SHE is.

    Criminals don’t DO background checks. Honest Americans have to. And the government then has a list of gun owners and can then (the next step) is come and get them. No thank you. This has been PROVEN not to work.

    I personally spoke to JMDD when she crashed Dick Black’s BBQ and was handing out cards. We spoke about 1 gun a month, (she wanted that), Background checks, so called gun show loopholes, and more. She is a liberal gun grabber in conservative clothing. She said she USED to have a .357 magnum.. I asked what brand it was.. she had NO IDEA.. she said Tom would not let her keep it in the house because “he hates guns even more than I do”. Now she says she shoots all the time… really? which gun?? which range? maybe she can post ONE pic like her leader (Obama) did. She is a Fraud. I know it.. and so do YOU. I bet her and Bloomberg stand hand in hand on antigunism.

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