Memo to Susan Stimpson

Posted: March 12, 2013 by Coby Dillard in Uncategorized

Ms. Stimpson,

We haven’t met; missed you at the Norfolk GOP breakfast a few weeks back. Couple of my friends speak very highly of you, and I’ve taken what they’ve said into consideration.

Tonight, I received an audio clip of an interview of yours….here’s a transcript:

Questioner: Let’s say…you’re campaigning in some of the urban areas. How would you be able to inspire blacks to vote for Susan Stimpson; what would be your message?

Stimpson: Well, that wouldn’t be a set community that I would try to inspire….

Oh, really?

Now, in your defense, it sounds like there may be more that comes after this comment, so I’d like to offer you an opportunity to explain what exactly you meant. Here’s how this is going to go:

Christopher Stearns and Jared Hendrix are big fans of yours (I believe Jared’s on your staff), as well as friends of mine. I’m going to send this to them; hopefully, one of them will get it to you directly. They’ll have that email a few minutes after this post goes live.

Two things I want: an explanation of what you meant when you said you would not try to inspire the black community, and why you feel we are not relevant to your strategy, your campaign…and by extension, what you want to do as Lieutenant Governor.

If you feel you were taken out of context, please explain how. Whatever you send, I’ll post-unedited; a literal copy and paste-on this blog. Both Chris and Jared have my email address; send your response to them and they can forward, or get it from them and feel free to respond directly.

It’s Wednesday evening. You’ve got until tomorrow at noon before the audio clip starts going out to black newspapers across the state, as well as anyone else who might want a copy.

Because they deserve to hear, in your own words, exactly how you feel…and we, as black conservatives, need to know exactly how you expect us to support you when you make ignorant remarks like this. Based strictly on what was said here, you don’t deserve a benefit of the doubt….but in fairness, I’m going to give you one.

Look forward to hearing from you.

  1. James Cohen says:

    Listen to the whole interview but the hit job the audio was lifted from, not in its entirety starts after 12:00

  2. Transcript Says... says:

    JF: Republicans in VA are getting annihilated in key urban centers of the state . . Hampton Newport news Richmond, Portsmouth, what would your message be to the African American community. . . if you went to . . let’s say . . your campaigning in urban areas. . .how would you be able to inspire Blacks to vote for Susan Stimpson. . .

    SS: That wouldn’t be a set constituency I would try to inspire. I think that we are all Americans and we all have the same concerns. We want to provide for our families. We want to have jobs. We want to be able to have that American exceptionalism that allows us to have individual liberties to do what we think is best for ourselves and our families. And I think government should be limited and government should get out of the way of families And that means taking money out of their pocket and thinking that the government can make a better decision for us . . and that is not a good direction for our country.

    And I think it is a battle right now for individual liberties and I would appeal to women, I would appeal to minorities, I would appeal to Republicans and Democrats we need to protect our liberties and to push back on all of this government overreach.

    JF: I want to get back to a question I asked and want to follow up on your answer. We talked about Republicans to go in to the Black communities of VA and reach that particular segment of Virginians. . .and when I asked that did you basically say that a demographic segment you can’t win and you are going to write them off or did I misinterpret your answer?

    SS: I think that you completely misinterpreted that answer. I think that is a part of the problem of politics today. What in the world are we doing segregating all of these different classes and what your race is and what your sexuality is. I think that we are all Americans here and I think we share common values as Americans not according to what our skin color is so I reject that we are going to be focusing on things like that. And I think it was Jay-Z that made the comment that “government is doing too much” . So I think that community also believes government may be doing too much.

  3. TerryTom says:

    Sad that you followed the lead of Ben Tribbett without even researching the full transcript yourself.

  4. Jay Laze says:

    Thank you for fact finding and giving the campaign a chance to give you the facts before spreading this out of context story all over the black community.

    As a Stimpson Supportor, I see us as all Americans fighting for individual liberties and equality under the law. No matter what your race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or social class, we should all be given the same opportunities in life. What you do with your life is your business, what I do with my life is my business. Unfortunately, the government right now is too big and it interferes with (all of) our abilities to live our lives because of overreaching population control and policing laws and budgetary abuse by over taxing and misspending.

    I, personally, would like to see VBC reach out to other racial communities by changing their name to the “Virginia black, white, and every color conservatives” because race segregation has no place in a land of red blooded Americans.

  5. Rob Kenyon says:

    This is a total identity-politics-driven hit job. I call BS.

  6. Steve Waters says:

    Jay Laze, we may all be Americans fighting for Individual Liberties and for Equality. Different groups of Americans fighting for equality….we each have the same liberties and equality as Americans, not as whites, African-Americans, Hispanics, heterosexuals or homosexuals but as Americans. Freedom and Liberty as well as Justice are so suppose to be color blind and rightfully so, as race, gender, age, religion, disabled people, etc. are protected classes under the law, however, sexual orientation is not. So, there is no equality based on sexual orientation.

  7. […] Coby Dillard of Virginia Black Conservatives heard it for the first time recently and is incensed. Here’s the quote that bothers Dillard: […]

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