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Many have counted state Senator Steve Martin out of this year’s race for Lt. Governor. I find that odd considering the mix of experience, gravitas and commitment to conservatism Steve has exhibited over the past twenty years. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Experience Counts
Steve has been a member of the state Senate for nearly twenty years (prior to that he served in the House of Delegates for six years) and is currently the Chairman of the Education and Health Committee. He has sponsored bills to strengthen our criminal justice system, to provide tax relief for his constituents and citizens across the Commonwealth and he’s been a staunch defender of the culture of life here in Virginia.
He knows what it takes to be an effective Lt. Governor because he’s had the privilege of serving in the Senate during some of the most tumultuous and productive times in our Commonwealth’s history.

Consistent Conservative
Over a nearly twenty year legislative career there have been few elected officials who have racked up such a conservative record. He consistently receives a 100% rating from such conservative groups as the Family Foundation, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the American Conservative Union and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. This shows a man who is both socially conservative but also committed to the principles of the free enterprise.

Commitment to the Cause
No statewide candidate this year worked harder for our candidates last November and even though they were defeated I’m sure they’re all grateful for the hundreds of emails, thousands of phone calls and the funding Steve committed to their cause. Never a week went by when I didn’t receive an email from Steve encouraging me to volunteer at my local Victory center or to embark on a lit drop or anything else our Republican candidates needed.
Steve is truly committed to getting Republicans elected and Ken Cuccinelli couldn’t find a harder working running mate.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is if you want a workhorse and not a show horse, someone who has been on the frontlines of every important political battle over the past fifteen in Virginia, someone who would be ready on Day 1 to serve as our Lt. Governor, than Steve Martin is your candidate.


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