Delegate Lingamfelter . Patriot, Friend, and my choice for LG

Posted: March 23, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized


Through the ever burning fire of cannibalism politics Mr Lingamfelter has been able to keep is poise and most importantly his dignity through the tough primary process this year in Virginia. I met Delegate Scott Lingamfetler some ten years ago and he and I hit it off from the start. His views on how conservatism should be and his love for Virginia aligned with mine and that still rings true today.
When I graduated high school I got into party politics in Prince William County, after playing a part in the Gilmore Gov. Election I was how you would say hooked. I met a lot of great folks in the beginning, and being welcomed into the Republican Party was somewhat shocking as I was told by others that blacks were not welcome into the GOP. I was pleasantly surprised. At the behest of at the time School board representative Lyle Beefelt I joined the PWC Committee.
I dug in and made myself part of the team even running one of the campaigns of a candidate running for Supervisor which became a huge learning experience. This campaign Is when I got to know Delegate Scott Lingamfelter.
Delegate Lingamfelter and I became instant friends our views were and are very much alike on several things, and frankly no one besides the candidate I was working for Scott Hirons, and Sean Connaughton made me feel at “home in the party” as much as Delegate Lingamfelter did.
I want everyone to know from personal experience this is a man who loves his God, served and loves his country and loves Virginia as much as I do. When I heard he was going to run for LT Gov for Virginia, after my initial shock, it turned into excitement, that two of my favorite people we running to take the Commonwealth to new heights, A Ken Cuccinelli /Scott Lingamfelter (Mark Obenshain) ticket would be great and exciting for the future of Virginia.
I want everyone to know, no elected official has been so responsive and as much of a mentor to me as Delegate Lingamfelter. His sage advice is something I take with me to any political event, use in any political or life decision and I would encourage all of you to research and consider this Patriot, great human being and even greater American as your next LG –
Terrence Boulden
President of the Virginia Black Conservatives


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