Busy day for the VBC … Our YRFV endorsement for Chairman

Posted: March 27, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized


The Young Republican Federation of Virginia convention is on April 20th and last night the two candidates for Chairman-John Scott and Phil Bell squared off in a debate

The debate was civil as both laid out there vision for the future of the Federation, John touting his record as chairman and his endorsements around the state, and Phil touting his work within the party throughout the country.

Both of these men are strong conservative advocates and have done great work for the party. Phil has been a strong worker in Northern Virginia, door knocking, volunteering, attending events; he is everywhere and his work is appreciated throughout NOVA. However, as an organization which strongly advocates the need of the Republican Party to reach out to minorities and other coalitions, we take strong exception to his desire to place minimal importance on outreach within the YR organization. It would be contradictory to our goals as an organization to endorse someone who does not share our desire to see theYRs-and by extension, the Republican Party-grow.

John has been chairman for 11 months. In that short time, he has grown the club and has been a constant presence through the state. John has been attentive to his membership, has been a mediator for problems that have showed its face in the club and has been steering the federation in the right direction. Last night, he said, “In a short period time, our team has taken a broken Federation and put it back to work for candidates. We have deployed more times under our leadership than any in recent history. Our success is contagious, and that has led to a growth of membership across the Federation. Once again, it is cool to be a Young Republican in Virginia.”

We see no reason for John Scott not to continue as chair of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia.


John Releases his endorsement  list :

Ken Cuccinelli
Mark Obenshain
Speaker Howell
Bill Stanley
 Don Huffman,
Michael Cogar
Wendell Walker
Brittney Morrett
Eric Johnson
Matthew Burrow
Jorge Reyna
Whitney Morrison
Chris Gaskill
Ben Bush
Ryan Nichols
Matt Homer
D.J. Spiker
Nicole Manley
Josiah Tillett
Brittany West
Dan Webb
Christoper Stearns
Ross Grogg
Adam Washington
Andrew Clark
Stephen Spiker
Terrence Boulden
Coby Dillard

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