VBC Endorses Mark Obenshain for Attorney General

Posted: March 27, 2013 by Coby Dillard in Virginia Politics
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The Virginia Black Conservative Forum is proud to endorse Senator Mark Obenshain as our next Attorney General.
Mark’s approachability and willingness to listen, while successfully passing conservative and smart bills, is one of his greatest traits.  In the recent General Assembly session, he has not done things 100% in line with what we would like; we disagree with his vote on the restoration of rights bill. However, when asked about it, Mark explained his vote without shying away from his positions, and was open to hearing our opinion on the matter. Even in disagreement, we admire his candor.
Obenshain also took on tough fights this year in voting against the transportation tax hike, and standing up to the Republicans who voted for this. He passed a bill protecting our 2nd Amendment rights by forbidding newspapers from publicizing the names of concealed carry permit holders. We acknowledge Mark Obenshain as an effective legislator who stands firm in his conservative convictions and works his hardest to advance our cause.
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