Posted: April 18, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

I will first say that I had a great time yesterday at the annual Shad Planking. It had been a few years since I had been to the event and I am glad that I returned. This time around I did speak with the folks who represented the “Sons of Confederate Veterans “, and had a great candid conversation. I’m sure many believed I should have stayed clear of them but that is not the way I operate.
I decided to have a little bit of “fun” with this and do a power ranking on the campaigns, and of course this is only my opinion and of course no one will agree with it, except for me. I decided to just do LG rankings and not include A.G candidates because I don’t want to violate Ronald Reagans 11th Commandment, but I will say the Obenshain Team had great popcorn and were very well put together.
Here we go :
1. Team JMD – The Davis team represented in a big and organized way. No matter what your opinion on the candidate may be, you cannot argue that her campaign team is full of dedication and are always very supportive and energetic about their candidate. From signs being out ten miles away from the sight of the event, to working the crowd and speaking about JMD’s experience this team did a great job.


2. Team Lingamfelter– The Lingamfelter team worked the crowd hard along with the candidate himself. Many folks stopped by the Lingamfelter camp just to speak to the candidate and he made sure to speak to everyone offering beer and great conversation.


3. Team Stewart– Great organization for Corey and great representation. Just as with the Lingamfelter camp, many lined up to speak with Chairman Stewart to pick his brain and he was available to them all, his team was a great cheer leading squad and pumped lots of energy throughout the crowd which was very refreshing to see..

4. Team Snyder – Team Snyder came out as usual in big numbers, and with huge signs and of course promoting big ideas!! Oh and the BBQ was awesome, I think however the candidate had a bit of a disadvantage since he was stuck for a long time serving his BBQ which prevented him from working the crowd, however he was able to chat while serving……BBQ was awesome

5. Team Jackson – Team Jackson had a great looking camp, signs were nice and organized but I never saw the candidate nor did I see any of his crew in the crowd. I was a bit disappointed by the showing as I am a fan of Jackson and his message, I hear he has great momentum going towards the convention and I wish him and the team best of luck.


6. Steve Martin – Steve Martin took the work the crowd plan, as he and a few staffer walked around and shook hands, not much of a presence at the event, I didn’t see any of the trademark red signs, but I am glad Senator Martin made it out to the event.

7. Team Stimpson– Susan did have a small presence at the event, but unfortunately .no Susan. I have not yet been able to chat with Mrs. Stimpson and I thought this would have been the perfect opportunity to; she is the only candidate so far that I have not had the pleasure of having a serious conversation with, and I still hope to before the convention.

  1. Billy Bearden says:

    The Sons of Confederate Veterans?!?! I heard they bite. I heard they cause coodies. Reckon they don’t, and that I should stop listening to what others say and experience for myself. Hey – they’re just like me! Wow, what a nice group of folks!

  2. Gopher Reed says:

    I met a gentleman that went by “Wildcard” at the event. What and awesome guy and campaigner. I bet he gets a lot of ladies

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