Posted: April 24, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized


As we creep finally to the end of convention season there have been a few things on my mind. I would first want to point out that one of the seven candidates for L.G will in fact be our nominee and I am pretty nervous about the mudslinging by Republicans about fellow Republicans coming back to bite us in the ass in the general election, and I’m pretty disgusted that no one has thought about that.
In the case of former Senator JMDD I am wondering if the attacks on her are merely personal, I have to admit I have laughed at the gun grabbing jokes etc. etc. but the question is , is JMDD a gun grabber or an advocate for back ground checks? I asked her campaign to respond to the charges once and for all to satisfy my own curiosity here is what I received:
• At gun shows, the State Police are set up to run an instant background check on anyone purchasing a gun from a dealer to make sure the purchaser is neither a convicted felon, nor has been ordered to a mental health institution by the courts, as our statute prohibits either from purchasing a firearm. From a practical perspective, as long as they are already set up she believes they should also run the check on anyone who is purchasing from an individual at the show. Her opponents have been suggesting that she supports all of Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda simply because he agreed with her on that one issue. And that is simply not true. She does not support universal background checks, nor does she support gun registration.

• While serving in the General Assembly, she voted many times to protect our gun rights. For example, in 1998 HB1258 would have allowed the City of Richmond and the surrounding jurisdictions to prohibit carrying any loaded firearm in public areas – meaning you could not leave your house with your firearm in any of these jurisdictions. In addition to taking away the rights of gun owners in these jurisdictions, the passage of this bill would have led to a hodgepodge of firearm ordinances throughout the Commonwealth. She made the motion to kill this bill, in Committee, and it did not pass. She also voted against increased fees for a conceal carry permit and voted to kill one of the Democrats favorite backdoor ways of attempting to kill the 2nd Amendment, which is to hold gun manufacturers civilly liable for certain crimes with firearms.
To me that does not sound like she is much of a gun grabber I again question if the attacks are personal in nature?
Attack two that I have been hearing around is her famous phrasing “ethnic”, I would admit it may be a bit too much, but I also appreciate that Mrs. Davis has made an effort to bring some diversity in to the fold. I think that should be applauded and not attacked as viciously as it has been. Unfortunately this is new ground for the party to make up and I’m glad to see folks like Chairman Stewart and JMDD doing these things, an effort that should be applauded. Let’s attack those instead who chooses to ignore the need for diversity in the party.
I am supporting Scott Lingamfelter for LG as he is a dear friend and an inspiration, but getting to know JMDD has been a pleasure and I hope many others will take a closer look at her record before they are quick on the attack..

  1. Paul says:

    She lost her last Senate race because she ran on a gun control/Bloomberg platform.

    Her husband Tom Davis was a gun grabber when he was in Congress.

    Like most sociopaths, JMDD is an accomplished at telling lies.

  2. James says:

    Good job proving the articles point, Paul.

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