Defending Pete Snyder #bigideas

Posted: April 26, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

Let me be frank: at the beginning of the race for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor Pete Snyder was my number one target to bashing, mock and downright dislike.
I am here today to tell you that that is no longer the case.

Unlike many who still are bashing and beating up on Mr. Snyder I have gotten to know the man,and have actually spoken to him about his “Big Ideas.” I believe that he is passionate about what he wants to do for Virginia.

The number one attack on Pete is, “What are his Big Ideas?” Well, I will tell you one for sure: I have not heard anyone speak about school choice and about education reform as passionately as Pete Snyder has:

“By reforming education, we can transform lives and impact whole families and communities for the better, for generations to come.”-Pete Snyder

Other Big Ideas: eliminating the corporate income tax and pursuing wholesale tax reform that will lower the tax burden and make Virginia a haven for job creators and families. Pete has also spoken on restoration of rights as much as Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has.

The personal attacks on Pete have regularly been without much merit or explanation.
For example, contrary to some smear attacks, he is solid on his stance on the Second Amendment.
Another attack I once agreed with is, “Pete is so fake.” Not true. Pete is a real human being and if you speak to him you will figure that out. I would arguably call him a geek, but a funny geek who does know what he is talking about and he has always been straight forward with any question I have for him – and his availability on those questions has been around the clock. Very few candidates have been as accessible as Pete which is important in a seven-way race.

A third attack – The Romney campaign. Let’s face it, that was not Pete Snyder’s fault, not by a long shot. Let’s point the finger at the Republicans who stayed home and did not vote, blame the direction (or misdirection) from Massachusetts to essential ignore part of the electorate, any number of factors. Ultimately, Pete was not Romney’s Campaign Manager.

And the attacks that Pete is bringing out too many young volunteers? Are we really trying to call this a bad thing?

One of the seven will be our nominee. Pete has shown himself to be just as hardworking and qualified as the best of them. I just want everyone to remember that when obsessive and baseless attacks on our candidates are being perpetrated, you may very well be attacking our next nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

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