The Jackson Kerfuffle

Posted: June 10, 2013 by carltate81 in Uncategorized

It’s been nearly a month since Bishop EW Jackson’s “Let Liberty Light the Way” speech took the Republican state convention by storm, earning him an upset victory in the Lt. Governor’s race and for nearly a month it seems like the media, Democrats and even some Republicans have been attempting to extinguish that light.

In all honesty some of the critiques are legitimate. And the good Bishop should not have been caught unaware while others can be chalked up to the unrelenting, 24 hr infotainment news cycle we have now that trades in muck.

Nevertheless it’s past time Bishop Jackson starts to address some of his issues, namely his past controversial remarks on issues like gays, the KKK and abortion; his past money problems; and his hereto lack of policy positions.

He needs to admit that a lot of his past comments weren’t made in the “right” spirit. In other words, a lot of those comments weren’t made with the love and grace of Jesus in mind. Yes, believers are called to speak the truth and yes we’re called to speak it with authority, but we’re also supposed to do so in love. Let’s be honest a lot of those comments were spoken in an attempt to fire up conservatives and to attract hardcore tea party right wingers.  They neither helped the cause of conservatism or Christianity and the Bishop should admit so.

He should speak of his past growing up in foster care, struggling to make ends meet. And this is where he should finally and definitively address the questions about his past financial difficulties – the tax liens, the bankruptcy and the closed ministries here in the Commonwealth. I can personally attest to the fact that people who grow up poor usually aren’t raised with the best instincts concerning money. People are willing to forgive a lot, so long as a candidate is willing to be open and honest. And Bishop Jackson needs to be completely open and honest here. If he had trouble keeping a job he should say so. If he lived above his means he should say so. Those are traits that we ALL can relate to during this time economic trouble.

And finally, Bishop Jackson needs to roll out a set of substantive policy positions to meet the needs of Virginians. It’s no longer enough to speak of liberty and freedom in vague, general terms; we need to know what he thinks about the pressing issues of the day. What are the Bishop’s thoughts on school reform? The BPOL tax? Restoration of the rights of ex-felons? What about racial gerrymandering? Inquiring minds want to know.

So that’s my two cents, take it for what it’s worth. The bottom line is that something has got to be done and the sooner the better because after tomorrow’s Democratic primary is over the other side is going to be united and all their guns are going to be trained on the “extreme” Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain ticket. Yes, CuJo is here to stay.


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