Jackson hits on a message

Posted: June 27, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

Got an email where E.W is defending himself, but laying out a vision..bravo!!

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By now, many of you have heard how the Democrats and the media plan to attack me.

They plan to label me “extreme”.

The Democrats are doing everything in their power, with the help of the liberal media, to characterize patriotism, belief in our Constitution and commitment to free market principles as “extreme.”

This is not extreme. Ralph Northam, Terry McAuliffe, and the Obama Democrats – they are extreme.

This year, the Democrats – with the help of a few Republicans – pushed through the biggest tax hike in Virginia history. That is extreme.

Obamacare gave the government the power over every citizen’s healthcare and uses the IRS to force every one of us to pay. That is extreme.

The IRS is targeting conservative nonprofits, trying to shut them down because of their political beliefs. That is extreme.

The liberal Democrat Lt. Governor candidate, Ralph Northam, supports lowering the health and safety standards of abortion clinics, which will put women’s health in danger. That is extreme.

The far left, which the Democrat Party now represents, has no understanding of business, entrepreneurship or job creation, unless they are using the hard earned money of taxpayers to line the pockets of their cronies. That is extreme.

They disdain our Founding Fathers and the Judeo-Christian foundations they laid for our nation. That is extreme.

My detractors say that I am in this race only to deliver a message. They are absolutely wrong.

I am in this race to win, and beat the extreme left represented by Ralph Northam. And I need your help.

The message I want to send requires victory on November 5th. It is a message of Constitutionally limited government, of wealth created by the free market, of families having decent jobs that allow them to fulfill their financial obligations with dignity rather than dependence, of fathers and mothers being able to raise their children with Judeo-Christian values – not pop culture hedonism, of every Virginian being able to fulfill their dreams and offer their children the promise of an even better future than their parents.

Liberty is not extreme. Liberty is a principle that unites Virginians and all Americans.

Liberty is not only our God-given right. It is the pathway to opportunity, job creation and prosperity.

Help me beat the extreme left by donating to our campaign. We have an important deadline coming up, and beating my opponent in fundraising will show the establishment that Liberty is worth investing in.

We need to raise $20,000 before Sunday’s deadline. Can you help me out today with a donation of $25, $50, or even $100?

Donate today to help me spark the light of liberty in Virginia. Thank you and God Bless!

For God and Country,




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