Quit Clowning Around

Posted: August 14, 2013 by jcmorris in Uncategorized


One of the bigger news stories of the week included a bull, a clown and Barack Obama. Sounds like a bad joke, huh? Well, it was.

At the Missouri State Fair, during a rodeo demonstration, a performing clown decided it would be a good idea to don a mask of President Obama and begin asking the crowd if they wanted to see him get ran over by a bull.  According to witnesses at the fair, the crowd responded very enthusiastically. Apparently, the clown has since made the excuse of this just being a “joke”.

This is NOT funny and it is quite repulsive. Regardless of the way you feel about the Obama presidency, and trust me, I’m no fan, pretending to kill, or seriously injure the President of the United States is no laughing matter.

This brings up a bigger issue though, as many conservative bloggers have taken it upon themselves to defend this kind of action. Many have pointed to the ridicule and stunts that President Bush faced from Liberals. Honestly, that sounds a lot like the typical elementary student response — “THEY DID IT TOO!” Also, One sitting U.S. Congressman even invited the clown to come perform in his state, proclaiming “free speech”.

We have to do better than this. We are supposed to be the group that pushes morality and civility. Excusing threats against a Democratic President because a Republican President faced it too, is neither moral nor civil.

This also reminds me of some other things I have seen through the years, including comparing President Obama and the First Lady to apes, among other repulsive comparisons. Of course the whole argument of Bush being compared to an ape is used to try to justify it. Besides the fact that comparing an African American to an ape has MUCH more historical significance, this again sounds like a juvenile response. Two wrongs do not make a right.

We have to get away from these things or the GOP will continue to be seen as racist, or at least, defenders of racism. We must also get away from feeling like if we stick up for the position of President and the respect that comes with that, we are sticking up for the failed policies of Barack Obama. We are not. This should be our response to any President being used in such a “joke”. It is wrong.

We say we have a standard — let’s act like it.


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