And not one Republican showed up

Posted: August 29, 2013 by jcmorris in Uncategorized

The civil rights leader Martin Luther KI

You have probably seen or heard that line uttered today after the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington yesterday, after, wait for it… not one member of the Republican Party accepted an invitation to attend and speak at the event.

Bluntly put, this is completely and utterly outrageous.

It is no secret about the struggle that the Republican Party has had, especially in the past few years, with African-American voters, but we’ve all been told about the grand outreach programs that they are putting in place. But not one Congressman or Senator or either of the living Republican Presidents could find the time to go attend the 50 year anniversary of the historic March on Washington?

Now most of us have heard that Senator Tim Scott, the only sitting black U.S. Senator, was not invited to the event. This is not true. Senator Scott was invited to attend, but declined and therefore was not invited to speak at the event.

We have to do better. We have to start showing up. We have to. Otherwise this whole narrative of the GOP being racist looks to be true.

Yesterday was a bad look.. a real bad look. There were the three Democratic Presidents and several Democratic members of Congress, but where were the Republicans?

I guess they were too busy planning the funeral for our party.



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