McAuliffe slick as ever in Gubernatorial Debate

Posted: September 26, 2013 by jcmorris in Uncategorized


Like a used car salesman, Terry McAuliffe was willing to say just about anything in last night’s debate to convince us that he is the best choice in November – including attacking and lying about Ken Cuccinelli’s record.

If you listened to Terry last night, Cuccinelli despises women and the poor. Of course we know otherwise, as Ken has a lifetime of fighting to protect women and the vulnerable, going all the way back to college when he fought for sexual assault victims at UVA, and of course continuing throughout his career of public service. The way TMac attacked him as a hater of women was disgusting to say the least.

But, I guess that’s what you do when you literally have no experience and no knowledge of how state government works. You just attack the other guy. Attacking the personal social beliefs of life and marriage held dear by Ken, along with millions of Virginians, was also a big part of the debate. I guess TMac wants us all to forget his position on marriage just a couple of years ago. Just more proof his opinion depends on the shifting political winds.

Ken hit on his message very soundly. He has been endorsed by many businesses organizations, and there truly is no wonder why. One of the greatest lines of the debate came from Ken when he said, “This is no entry-level job”. How true. I think detailed and serious describe Ken’s performance. I think he won over a lot of people last night.

Terry McAuliffe seems to have one talking point – the Medicaid expansion. I will take no position on that, but Ken Cuccinelli hit on a point: how are we going to put our bets on money from a dysfunctional federal government to solve all of our problems? Heck, they can barely keep the federal government running.

It was obvious before, and became even more so last night; Terry McAuliffe will bring an AWFUL style of “governance” to Richmond. He will pick and choose which laws his administration will help to defend, use the governor’s mansion to advance his personal interests, and lead an attack on the 2nd amendment and bedrock principles of life and liberty. We cannot allow that to happen.

It also became so much more clear that Ken Cuccinelli is the only candidate in this race that will take the job of  Virginia Governor seriously. He has a real plan for jobs, and I know he will fight day in and day out for Virginians in Richmond. After all, he has a lifetime of doing so.

I’m more fired up than ever for Ken Cuccinelli, and I hope you are too. Let’s get out the vote!



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