It is Time for this to be About Mark

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

Guest Post by “Edmund Randolph”
Mark Obenshain has consistently maintained a positive and focused campaign that has him leading in some polls and within the statistical margin of all polls. With great endorsements from elected officials from both parties, including former Attorney General Andy Miller, and credible papers across the Commonwealth, including a glowing review in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Mark Obenshain is poised to achieve victory in what could otherwise be a devastating year for the Grand Old Party. He just needs help getting to the finish line, and he needs people like you to give him that help. The Grassroots need to take the tiller on this election and drive a winning strategy through November 5th – get people to the polls for Mark Obenshain.
The Grassroots need to rally around candidate with the best chance of winning and get people to the polls for Mark. Those who have been knocking on doors know that Joe and Jane Voter are angry and tired of the negative ads. They don’t want to hear the typical party line. They are sick and tired of blaring commercial about Star Scientific, the Government Shutdown, Personhood and Contraceptives. Then they want to be left alone to not vote this season.
However, if you start off talking about the candidate who has run the only positive campaign this election, people will give you a listen. If you start off talking about the only Republican endorsed state wide by the Richmond Times Dispatch, people will hear you out. This may mean walking with only Obenshain literature – and if you don’t have literature just print out the Times-Dispatch endorsement. This means phone calls to friends and neighbors, just asking them to go to the polls to vote for Mark. If they aren’t happy with parts of the ticket, all the negative ads, Obama, the Government Shutdown, or anything else – just remind them that only one candidate has run a positive honest campaign this year – and that one candidate needs their help. People will respond. People will turn out to vote for Mark.
Once they are at the polls to vote for Mark Obenshain they will be more likely to go ahead and vote for the rest of the ticket, Cuccinelli, Jackson and our slate of Delegates. The Grassroots has always been the heart of the Party, and when we are having trouble finding our way it is always good to go with the heart. With the heart leading, we can take the election back from the ground up – from the Grassroots through Mark Obenshain and hope that the top of the ticket can follow Mark to victory.


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