For a New Majority

Posted: March 30, 2014 by carltate81 in Uncategorized

It’s been a rough few years for Republicans in Virginia, deservingly so I might. At times the party has failed to field credible candidates for statewide office and the party apparatus has been in shambles for nearly six years now. But there’s a bright opportunity for a turnaround this year.

That’s why this year my choice for Senate is former Republican National Committee Chairman (and former Republican Party of Virginia chairman) Ed Gillespie.

Ed Gillespie is able to articulate a conservative message that resonates with everyday folks. He’s able to so because deep down he’s just a working-class boy made good and still carries with him the values and principles instilled in him by his parents and immigrant grandparents who worked hard so that their children could take advantage of all that this land has to offer.

Gillespie wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he worked his way up the ladder just like many us have done and aspire to do. That’s why he’s overly sensitive to the measures (or lack of measures) taken to improve the economy during the past six years. His parents were small grocery store owners and he personally realizes the impact that overregulation and high taxes can have on a small business. He put himself through college so he understands the crushing weight of student loan debt. And he started his political career at the bottom, working as a parking lot valet at the U.S. Senate, so he knows what it’s like to patiently wait for a payoff that seemingly won’t come and the satisfaction when it does.

Gillespie will fight for the common sense conservative agenda that’s needed to get the Commonwealth and this country back on track. An agenda that includes targeted tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses, a common sense plan that grants the all Americans access to healthcare and real school reform that frees our poorest students who are trapped in our nation’s worst school systems.

Gillespie has worked to build the “opportunity society” envisioned by figures such as Jack Kemp, and that I’ve written about for the past few weeks. To Gillespie it’s about putting together what he calls “the New Majority,” a coalition of folks that have come together because of their shared love for this country and Commonwealth, who still believe in the American dream, who still believe the things that unite us are more common than the things that divide us. It’s a coalition of citizens of many different hues, races and religions, it’s men and women, Republicans, Democrats and Independents; it’s folks who yearn to succeed and I believe they’ll help power Gillespie to victory this fall.

It’s a coalition long time in the making but it’s in keeping with the history of the Republican Party of Virginia. A party that, until recently, was known for its grand coalition building. And with the Gillespie as the Senate nominee it will resume its rich legacy once again.

Speaking of the Republican Party of Virginia….

It’s about time Virginia Republicans put an end to the in-fighting and focus on our real opponent – neither Shak Hill (Gillespie’s main opponent for the nomination) or Ed Gillespie supported a stimulus package that failed to spur economic growth, neither one voted to add $6 trillion to our national debt, neither one provided the passing vote for the monstrosity that is Obamacare, neither one advanced the scheme of Cap & Trade and neither one pretends to be a moderate only to push a radical liberal agenda.

That would be the incumbent Senator, Mark Warner, six years of slipping and sliding, walking between the raindrops. Warner has perfected the art of saying one thing while campaigning here in the Commonwealth but doing and saying something entirely different when he’s among his buddies in D.C.

And I think Virginians have had enough of the double speak, six years of Mark Warner is enough.


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