Proud to continue to stand with Shaun Kenney

Posted: April 16, 2014 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized

Statement in Support of Shaun Kenney as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia

The Virginia Black Conservative Forum (VBC) is proud to express its continued support of Shaun Kenney as the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia.

The Republican Party needs to focus on messaging that grows its ranks around a core set of ideas that define who we are as Republicans. Divisive language not only hurts the party, but it also drives away potential members by highlighting our worst elements. Shaun Kenney’s work and record absolutely qualify him for the position he is in and the sheer number of lies and attacks used against him speak more about those lobbing the bombs than they do about Shaun.

We are disappointed at the level and tone of unsubstantiated and underhanded attacks on Shaun Kenney as RPV Executive Director. Shaun’s background is one of strong values coupled with an ability to work with all sides in building a big tent party around the core principles that make us all Republicans. His willingness to engage in conversations with groups outside of the typical Republican coalition speaks highly of his ability to grow the party and bring it into the 21st Century.

The Republican Party of Virginia made an excellent choice in appointing Shaun Kenney as Executive Director and the Virginia Black Conservative Forum will continue to stand with him.




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