The Virginia Black Conservatives call for a Boycott of “The Bull Elephant” blog

Posted: October 4, 2015 by Terrence J. Boulden in Uncategorized


“Their comments on societal norms may have been acceptable 30 years ago, but they’re damaging and denigrating today. We cannot grow the conservative movement by telling children from non-traditional families that they’re liable to be a danger to themselves and others. We need to embrace real solutions to empower parents, not chastise those who are doing everything they can to lift their children up.”

We ask that our supporters join us in boycotting the blog, as it is damaging our party and it’s brand.

-The Virginia Black Conservatives

  1. Well, do you have a plan to mend the damage welfare and set-asides have done to the black community? Lets hear it! Protests only go so far. Lets start with some reality. I am listening…

  2. Eric McGrane says:

    Hey guys, Bearing Drift had a similar story posted about fatherless homes. When can we expect an update to this story to boycott THAT site, too?

  3. Joseph says:

    No way. This isn’t a stand against anything, this is a stand for the mentality that is damaging traditional families. E.W. Jackson, Hermain Cain, Star Parker, Ben Carson, Alfonzo Rachel, heck even Juan Williams, they have all said that single parent families are NOT as good for the black community, for ANY community, as households with a married husband and wife duo overseeing the family.

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