A Common Path by Lillian Vogl

Posted: June 23, 2017 by carltate81 in Uncategorized

Last year was the year that many conservatives truly couldn’t even any more. Some stepped back from politics entirely, some cast a one-time vote against the GOP and hoped for better days. Others have started seriously organizing through a new third party named the American Solidarity Party.

Until last summer, the American Solidarity Party was not much more than an animated Facebook discussion group that had evolved in the Christian Democratic Party tradition. They did nominate Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates for 2016, however, and with the sudden surge in demand for alternatives to Clinton and Trump, decided to formally incorporate and file with the FEC as an official party committee last August. With little time and extremely small budget, the ASP candidates got on the ballot in Colorado, and were recognized write-in candidates in most states. The ASP ticket garnered approximately 10,000 votes nationwide, and had over 2,000 members by the end of 2016 (and continues to grow about 10-20% a month).

The American Solidarity Party welcomes anyone to join who agrees to its affirmation statement: “recognition of the sanctity of human life, the necessity of social justice, our responsibility for the environment, and the possibility of a more peaceful world.” What ties together a diverse set of former Republicans and former Democrats, Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, enthusiasts for Universal Basic Income, enthusiasts for Distributism, and more, is a consistent “whole life” ethic of supporting human dignity for all persons from conception to natural death. This obviously sets the ASP apart from the Democratic Party and its pro-abortion litmus tests. Some areas where the ASP tends to differ from the Republican Party include: a commitment to universal healthcare coverage (though open to diverse means to achieving this goal); loosening immigration policies, including a pathway to citizenship for at least some illegal immigrants; a focus on restorative versus retributive justice; rights for workers; measures to address climate change; and a robust safety net.

In recognition of the party’s rapid growth and change since the nominating convention last summer, the ASP membership is getting the opportunity to vote on a wholly revised platform at its virtual convention, today through Sunday.

The current platform was written and adopted by a small group of members; the new one has been drafted by a committee of 11 members, six of whom were selected by a vote of the membership, and with two rounds of polling data from the membership. Convention participants will have the opportunity to vote yes or no on each plank drafted by the Platform Committee, and only those planks receiving 2/3rds approval will be adopted as part of the final ASP Platform. Convention participants will also have the opportunity to vote on six seats on the National Committee, from among 12 candidates (of which I am one).

We hope you will join us in building up this new force for advancing third-way ideas for constructing a government of, as the ASP motto says, “common good, common ground, and common sense.”


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