VBC Contributors

Terrence Boulden was born and raised in Dale City, Virginia.  A convert to the Republican Party thanks largely to Governor George Allen’s efforts on welfare and crime, Terrence has been a party activist, recruiter and campaign specialist for almost a decade.  He has served as a volunteer staffer on a number of campaigns, including those for Congressman Tom Davis, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, Commonwealth Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton, and Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart.

He serves on the Fairfax County Republican Committee, where he is the African-American Outreach Committee Chairman, and the Hunter Mill District Operations Chairman.  He was the Reston Area Young Republicans Chairman in 2005 and the Prince William County Young Republicans Chairman from 2002-2004.  He also blogs at Virginia Virtucon.

Coby W. Dillard: Coby is the vice chairman of the Norfolk Republican Party, and the co-founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party. He has worked on the campaigns of Gov. McDonnell and Rep. Scott Rigell, as well as with other candidates and political organizations in the Hampton Roads area. His written commentaries appear in the Virginian-Pilot on Tuesdays.

Carl Tate: Carl was born and raised in Staunton, Virginia. Carl is working on his J.D. from the T.C. Williams School of Law located at the University of Richmond and received his B.S. in Government from Liberty University. After graduation he spent three years working on a few local, Republican campaigns in southwest Virginia before receiving a Presidential appointment to the Department of Commerce in 2005. In January of 2007 Carl was appointed to the Department of Homeland Security where he served as a Senior Liaison Officer and worked on the Department-wide clearance of National Application Office program, REAL ID implementation, E-Verify and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Program. Carl left DHS in August of 2008 to not only pursue his J.D. but to continue his work on behalf of minority and youth outreach in the Republican Party. Currently, Carl serves as the Secretary for his local GOP committee; he is the chairman for the GOP 20th Legislative District; and he tirelessly works to promote the Republican cause wherever he is.

  1. Barbara says:

    Responding to Terrence Boulden’s article “Blacks fall further behind under Warner’s Senate” published in Arlington County Sun Gazette newspaper. I am African American woman, homeowner, taxpayer and VOTER! While I agree with Mr. Boulden’s commentary, I believe their is a war on African Americans coming from both the Dems and Republicans. I am Independent. Republicans think African Americans want FREE STUFF and Democrats want to continue to keep African Americans on the plantation. Neither party are promoting the interest of black voters. Look at Gov. Terry McCauliffe, who would not be governor of Va., if it was not for the black women vote. The Governor’s cabinet has no black women in his office. Where’s the return on our vote?? Here in Northern Arlington County, the whitest county in the nation – with the exception of school board (black male), African Americans hold no elected public office. Arlington County Manager’s office has 26 senior-level positions – none are African Americans. For decades Arlington County have been controlled and driven by a white conservative leadership (Democrats and Republicans) who come knocking on the doors of African Americans only at election time to get our votes – thendump us 3 seconds after the election. Voting is not enough when neither party is addressing issues important to black voters. Would like to forward Terrence Boulden an article I wrote addressing my frustration. Many thanks for the article.

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