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Another take on Cantor

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Black Conservatives targeted

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By Mr Carl Tate


Condi Rice is one of the most accomplished individuals in our nation today. Hailing from the segregated South Rice was able to achieve a great deal despite facing discrimination.
Rice spent most of her professional life in academia, capping a prestigious career in higher education by serving as Provost at Stanford University, and was considered one of the world’s most renowned Kremlinologists (expert on the Soviet Union). She’s an accomplished pianist, having learned at an early age from her father. She’s served the public in high level position for nearly twenty-five years, with her first stint on the National Security Council occurring in the 1990s. She’s the first African-American female to hold the position of National Security Advisor to the President and Secretary of State.

And yet Rice was hounded from giving the commencement address this spring at Rutgers University. Apparently Rice wasn’t accomplished enough, not prestigious enough, for the leftist students and faculty there.

Then there’s the case of Justice Clarence Thomas, the second African-American to sit on the Supreme Court.

Thomas attended two of the most prestigious universities in the nation, earning a law degree from Yale in the early 1970s. Foregoing a position with a high powered law firm back in his home state of Georgia, he moved to Missouri to take a job with the then Attorney General John Danforth. Thomas followed Danforth to Washington and worked on his Senatorial staff. While in D.C. Thomas served in successive prominent positions – an Assistant Secretary at the Department of Education; chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; and judge on the Washington, D.C. Court of Appeals.

And Thomas achieved all this, despite hailing from the poorest part of Georgia, and being abandoned by his mother at an early age. Yet his background and his impressive resume isn’t enough for liberals and black establishment figures like Congressman Bennie Thompson, who recently had the audacity to refer to Thomas as an “uncle Tom.”

And yet even with an impressive resume – Ivy League and beyond – Thomas found himself in the crosshairs of liberal critics when nominated for the Supreme Court twenty years ago. And the critiques and hounding haven’t let up.

Both Thomas and Rice are experts in their respective fields; both have broken new and exciting ground in American public policy; and both share similar backgrounds and faced similar stumbling blocks in their careers. They faced their challenges head on, paving the way for other African-Americans.

And yet both arouse anger from American liberals and leftists like none other, their only crime being a conservative and speaking truth to power as they saw it. It’s a pity. America is ready for the first black President but evidently isn’t ready for blacks of conservative thought and opinion.
America in general and blacks in particular must end this ridiculous and myopic line of thought. The African-American community in this country isn’t, and shouldn’t be, some monolithic bloc where every individual thinks and acts alike.

Until it does, it will continue to be open season on black conservatives.

The Virginia Black Conservative forum proudly endorses Delegate Barbara Comstock for the Republican nomination in Virginia’s tenth district. Barbara has a record of commonsense conservative values and a sensibility that is needed in Washington DC.


Proud to continue to stand with Shaun Kenney

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Statement in Support of Shaun Kenney as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia

The Virginia Black Conservative Forum (VBC) is proud to express its continued support of Shaun Kenney as the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia.

The Republican Party needs to focus on messaging that grows its ranks around a core set of ideas that define who we are as Republicans. Divisive language not only hurts the party, but it also drives away potential members by highlighting our worst elements. Shaun Kenney’s work and record absolutely qualify him for the position he is in and the sheer number of lies and attacks used against him speak more about those lobbing the bombs than they do about Shaun.

We are disappointed at the level and tone of unsubstantiated and underhanded attacks on Shaun Kenney as RPV Executive Director. Shaun’s background is one of strong values coupled with an ability to work with all sides in building a big tent party around the core principles that make us all Republicans. His willingness to engage in conversations with groups outside of the typical Republican coalition speaks highly of his ability to grow the party and bring it into the 21st Century.

The Republican Party of Virginia made an excellent choice in appointing Shaun Kenney as Executive Director and the Virginia Black Conservative Forum will continue to stand with him.



Ready to get to work with Shaun Kenney

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The Virginia Black Conservative Forum (VBC) extends its congratulations to Shaun Kenney on his upcoming appointment as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV).

More so than his predecessors, Shaun knows the importance of outreach and engagement for Republicans not only across Virginia’s black communities, but across those of all minorities. His willingness to engage in substantive strategic and policy discussions with anyone who sits with him will be of benefit to a state organization that has made great strides in improving relations with the Commonwealth’s shifting demographics.

While Shaun’s first task must be setting RPV’s fiscal house in order, we have the highest confidence-based on his body of work-that he will soon turn his attention to the work necessary to rebuild ties between Virginia’s Republicans and the black community. VBC stands ready to assist him in this task.